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One day when I was walking around my college campus, I saw a group of people with these yellow tripods. At first I thought they might be photographers, but they sure looked like strange ones! I went up and asked them what they were doing, and it turns out they were a group of students from a construction class who were surveying the land for a project. I was fascinated. I was able to sign up for the class the next semester, and while it didn't stick or change my professional trajectory, it did create a new hobby for me! Ever since then, I've been interested in construction, from surveying to management to the actual building. I figured running a blog about it would give me a nice excuse to keep up my interests!

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Why You Should Have A Land Survey Done Before Buying A Home

by Mike Brewer

If you are thinking about buying a home, you are probably thinking about things like working with your mortgage lender and having a home inspection done. One thing that you might not have thought about doing yet is having a land survey done, but doing so before you sign the dotted line for your new home is smart. These are a few reasons why you should have it done before buying a home.

Ensure Your Mortgage Lender is Satisfied

Many mortgage lenders require that you have a land survey done before they will actually provide financing. You don't want to find yourself worrying about this stipulation at the last minute, so it's important to have it done now and to file the paperwork with your lender as soon as possible. Then, you'll have one less thing to worry about when it comes to your financing.

Know What You're Getting Yourself Into

When buying a home, you probably want to avoid as many problems as possible. The last thing that you probably want to deal with is a property dispute with a new neighbor. Having your land surveyed now will clue you in to any potential problems, such as if the fence that comes with the property is actually on the neighbor's property. You'll know what to expect and can avoid buying a home that might come with a lot of issues due to property disputes.

Use it as a Point of Negotiation

You don't want to find yourself paying for property that does not belong to you. Having the land surveyed beforehand can give you a bit of negotiation power. For example, if it is found that you will actually be receiving less property than was originally advertised, you can use this information to try to negotiate a lower price.

Start Planning

You might already be thinking about all of the things that you will do with your new home, such as any improvements that you might want to make or any decorating that you want to do. Ensuring that you know where your new property line is can help you with the planning process, such as if you are thinking about buying a fence for your new home or if you are looking into your landscaping options.

As you can see, having a land survey done before buying a home is smart. These are just some of the reasons to contact a land surveyor before you actually buy your new home. Contact a company like Michael E. Rapier Surveying, Inc for more information.