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One day when I was walking around my college campus, I saw a group of people with these yellow tripods. At first I thought they might be photographers, but they sure looked like strange ones! I went up and asked them what they were doing, and it turns out they were a group of students from a construction class who were surveying the land for a project. I was fascinated. I was able to sign up for the class the next semester, and while it didn't stick or change my professional trajectory, it did create a new hobby for me! Ever since then, I've been interested in construction, from surveying to management to the actual building. I figured running a blog about it would give me a nice excuse to keep up my interests!

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About Jim Locksley

Want To Work In The Housing Industry But Don't Like Sales? 3 Great Alternative Options

by Mike Brewer

If you want to work a job that allows you to be around real estate transactions and in the housing market, but you don't want to be a real estate agent or work in direct sales, there are some alternative occupation options to look into. Many of these jobs even allow you to work from home, or to make your own schedule. Here are a few different career options and training to look into.

Land Surveying

If you are interested in driving around the area where you live, looking at different properties, and being outside, land surveying is a great career option. You can get your flood certification certificates, and learn how to survey boundaries and more. This is a way to work with real estate and construction, but you aren't responsible for the sales of properties or working directly with the buyers.

Home Appraising

Being a home appraiser is a great way to stay up to date with the property market in your area, and since houses are always being sold, you should have an easy time finding work. To get your certification in home appraising, you'll be able to take an online course and do training. You'll have to spend time comparing the sales of recent homes in the area, looking at the price of other listed homes, and driving by to inspect different properties. This is a job that often allows people to work as often or as little as they want.

Home Inspection

The home inspection process will require you to be inside and outside of a home, to determine if it's in good enough condition to sell. You will have to look at all of the physical components of the property, to determine if the house is structurally safe, and worth the loan that the buyer is trying to take out. This job is very detailed, but can be very rewarding if you get in with a company that offers full-time benefits and other perks.

There are many online and in person training options for all of these different real estate career options, and you may want to look into the salary and training requirements of all three before deciding which program is going to be the most suitable for you. You may want to pursue a career in more than one field to expand your job options and income potential somewhere down the road.