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One day when I was walking around my college campus, I saw a group of people with these yellow tripods. At first I thought they might be photographers, but they sure looked like strange ones! I went up and asked them what they were doing, and it turns out they were a group of students from a construction class who were surveying the land for a project. I was fascinated. I was able to sign up for the class the next semester, and while it didn't stick or change my professional trajectory, it did create a new hobby for me! Ever since then, I've been interested in construction, from surveying to management to the actual building. I figured running a blog about it would give me a nice excuse to keep up my interests!

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    Winter Waterproofing: Three Quick-Fixes For Homeowners

    Successful homeownership is all about proactive planning and maintenance. For instance, during the winter, many homeowners fail to prepare their homes for the spring run-off that invariably follows every winter.  This oversight can lead to significant water damage and costly repair bills. Here are a few ways that you can proactively waterproof your home: # 1 Create a Tight Seal-If you've ever put a full water bottle in a freezer you know exactly what happens to water when it freezes: it expands.

    Four Things You Will Want To Know When Choosing Replacement Windows For Your Home

    If you have an older home, it may be time to have the windows in your home replaced to improve energy performance. This can be confusing with all the choices you have when replacing windows. You may want to replace the entire window with new vinyl windows that require little maintenance, just replace the sashes, or use replacement inserts. You may also want to do things like add insulation and weatherproofing when you have windows installed.

    Troubleshooting Washing Machine Motors

    A well-functioning washing machine depends on its electric drive motors to operate the different cycles, from spin to agitate. Many problems stem from the motor or from it's peripherals, such as the belts and clutch. You can help narrow down the cause by zeroing in on the specific problem. Problem #1: Machine Won't Operate If your washing machine won't turn on at all, no matter which cycle you choose, the problem can lie in the power supply, timer and switches, or the motor.

    A Simple Maintenance Technique That Adds Years To Your Wooden Fence

    Wooden fences are a retro and stylish addition to your backyard, but they can be hard to maintain. Though treated lumber should last more than 20 years, a poorly maintained fence is likely to degrade much quicker. Follow these basic steps to make your wooden fence last a lifetime. 1. Trim Bushes and Trees Start by trimming the bushes and branches that hang near your fence. Though hanging branches can actually form a natural sun barrier over your fence, dead branches may collapse and seriously damage your fence.

    Three Ideas To Hide Drains And Pumps In Your Basement

    If you have a finished basement, you may have to install drainage systems. Drains can be installed outside or inside of your home. For existing homes, drains may need to be installed in your basement to deal with existing moisture problems. This can take up a lot of space if you want to have them hidden behind basement walls. The wall can also be directly finished and the drains can be part of the open space.

    Seven Ways To Add Years To Your Gutter's Life

    Your gutters have a fairly big job, which is to take water and moisture away from your home. If gutters did not provide a way for water to go when it comes off the roof during a storm, it could potentially do damage to the home's structure over time. Consider using the following seven strategies to maintain the gutters of your home, and to extend their utility longer: 1. Give your gutter a wash.

    Why Your Safety Is At Risk When You Try To Handle Your Own Roof Repairs

    It's easy for many homeowners to think that they can safely and easily handle their own roofing repairs when their home is simply missing some shingles or tiles, but this work is always best left to a professional. Not only will they typically do a better job with the repairs themselves, but a person's safety is at risk when they try to climb onto their home's roof. Consider why this is and why falls from ladders and roofs are so common even with the most surefooted homeowner.

    Three Of The Best Materials To Add Patterns And Style To Your Roof Installation

    There are many different types of roofing materials that can be used to give your home a unique look. If you want to have patterns and other designs in the roof of your home, you may want to use something other than conventional asphalt shingles. Materials like slates, tiles and cedar shakes work well to create patterns and unique designs in roof installations. Here are three of the best materials to use for the patterns and designs you want to have added to your new roof: